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                          The ambassador of Argentine visited JOUAV in China

                          On the afternoon of June 1, Argentine Ambassador to China Niu Wangdao and others visited JOUAV. JOUAV Executive Vice President Li Xiaoyan welcomed the arrival of the Argentine Ambassador to China and gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, product innovation, and international business layout. Li Xiaoyan introduced the technical innovation...

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                          Which type of UAVs?

                          The rapid development of UAV-related technologies, the wide variety of UAV systems, and their distinctive features have resulted in large differences in size, quality, range, flight duration, flight altitude, flight speed, and missions. Due to the diversity of drones, there are different classification methods for different considerations: Classified by the flight platform UAVs...

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                          Aerial drone survey—these things you need to know.

                          With the development of surveying and mapping, new technologies are gradually replacing traditional surveying and mapping methods. At the same time, it has brought significant changes to surveying and mapping workers. The most notable is the drone surveying and mapping technology that has emerged in recent years. UAV surveying and mapping have the...

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                          What is the role of drones in the oil and gas industry?

                          In recent years, UAVs have seen various big shows and cruise inspections at night shows. It can be said that UAVs are everywhere. What can drones do in the traditional oil and gas industry? According to data from the data analysis company GlobalData, the latest advances in sensing and imaging technology can prompt...

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                          What are the main applications of drones?

                          1. Power inspection UAVs equipped with high-definition digital video cameras and cameras and GPS positioning systems can carry out positioning and autonomous cruise along the power grid, transmit and shoot images in real-time. Monitor personnel can watch and control them simultaneously on the computer. Fixed-wing UAVs can provide better endurance (JOUAV CW series...

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                          What are the advantages of environmental protection UAV

                          What is an environmental monitoring drone? Environmental monitoring drones can easily and quickly monitor air quality, water quality, animal and plant ecological environment, and pollutant emissions by carrying different equipment on the drone.   What are the uses of environmental protection monitoring drones? Most environmental protection monitoring drones are industrial-grade drones, mainly used...

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                          How does the professional construction of industrial drones face industry applications?

                          At the University UAV Application Conference and UAV Professional Construction Innovation Forum in Henan Province, China, JOUAV's industrial application-oriented industrial UAV professional construction solutions have attracted significant attention from the industry. At present, JOUAV has carried out a series of cooperation with many colleges and universities in personnel training, teacher training, and construction...

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                          JOUAV CW-10C VTOL fixed-wing UAV free image control operation

                          Recently, at the invitation of a military university, "JOUAV CW-10C" completed the internship support task at the Songshan Calibration Field in Dengfeng, Henan Province, and fully demonstrated the convenience of vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing aircraft for hundreds of trainees. The image-free control accuracy of the "JOUAV CW-10C" platform has won unanimous praise...

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                          JOUAV VTOL fixed-wing UAV captain training record

                          The AOPA vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV training class practiced flying for a week in the fiery sun and sporadic rain. The JOUAV vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV instructor led the students to carry out the flight. Training site On the same day, JOUAV instructors divided the trainees into...

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