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                          Security & Surveillance

                          Quick response to acquiring information for the fast decision making in complex situation

                          Application Overview

                          CW VTOL UAV Solution with multiple optional sensor from optical sensor, IR sensor, LiDAR , air detecting sensor for acquiring the information supervision objects, accident scene and situation evolution, and provide source data for multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis of risk information.
                          CW VTOL UAV solution would play a key role in all stages of emergencies and improve the strength of technological innovation and improve the working mechanism.

                          Application Scenarios

                          Emergency Response

                          The public police has to face with complicated conditions of poor communication and traffic congestion when the major emergency happens, It would be much more important to ensure the public security department could quickly, comprehensively and accurately obtain the scene situation for the analysis and judgment and the launching of targeted actions. JOUAV CW VTOL UAV Solution will perfectly support the public security department to realize fast and large area monitoring an observation in air to get the real time information of the crowd gathering.

                          Large-scale Activity Security

                          CW VTOL UAV solution are applied for monitoring the gathering area of large activities in air. At the same time, AI recognition, automatic tracking high technology are adopted to achieve effective control of the site to avoid congestion and disturbance.

                          Investigation and Arrest

                          CW VTOL UAV solution are applied to clarify the terrain in advance, help to deploy police forces at key postion, and facilitate the better arrest of criminals. For the fugitive hidden illegal personnel, CW VTOL UAV system can quickly find the whereabouts of vehicles and personnel even at night time EO/IR sensor.

                          Law Enforcement Patrolling

                          With the acceleration of urban expansion in China, the rapid growth of buildings and vehicles leads to the increase of urban management responsibility. Manpower patrols are time-consuming and inefficient, then UAV solution are applied for remote control of the public security situation through "automatic patrol", especially in dense and complex public security areas, and effectively grasp the situation to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

                          Drug Control

                          Because of the common illegal poppy planting in China, the CW VTOL UAV solution are applied for the illegal poppy planting surveying and coordinate capture for the police law enforcement with safe ,efficient and accurate technical method, and provide important decision-making basis for the analysis of drug planting forms and the deployment of drug control work.

                          Application Cases