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                          Application Overview

                          The VTOL drone is suitable for orthographic and oblique images and LiDAR data acquisition for high-precision and large-area aerial mapping projects. The acquired data can be processed to generate different mapping data results, including Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM), Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Line Graphic (DLG), real-scene 3D model and LiDAR point cloud model. Providing with basic geographic information and spatial data for various industries, and is widely used in terrain mapping, smart city, property rights confirmation and other scenarios.

                          Application Scenarios

                          Topographic Mapping

                          Topographic mapping is the basic application scene of surveying and mapping. UAV has the advantages of good flexibility, high efficiency, high precision, cost effective, wide application range and short production cycle. It can break through the limitations of natural conditions and human ability, replace the staff to operate in long-range (difficult to reach) and high-risk areas, and it can perform flight tasks under complex ground and meteorological conditions. Utilizing drone to carry mapping sensors such as ortho camera, oblique camera and LiDAR to efficiently acquire geographic information data, then generate different kind of data results which can be used for investigation, planning, design and scientific research by various departments of the national economy. These data results can also be used to generate basic information for small mapping scale topographic maps or thematic maps.

                          Geological Survey

                          The terrain condition for geological survey is always harsh. Use drone to carry sensors like RGB camera, multispectral/hyperspectral camera, LiDAR or SAR to acquire multi-source remote sensing data, landform and geological structure data quickly. This data can help to learning the geological environment of the target area, discover relevant geological problems, and provide conditions for further investigation, exploration and test.

                          Emergency Survey and Mapping

                          An emergency always happens under urgent situation, complex environment, and lack of decision-making information input. Emergency rescue is in urgent need of first-hand on-site data. Drone takes its advantages of flexible and quick deployment, can map the disaster area at the first time, and generate DOM and LiDAR point cloud data within a few hours, providing the rescue department with the first picture of the disaster, intuitively understanding the real situation on the scene, and efficiently making the correct rescue strategy.

                          Property and Cadastral Survey

                          Property and cadastral survey require accurate ownership determination. Mapping the houses by methods of 3D photography mapping and field measurement to determine the right to use the homestead and collective construction land and the ownership of the houses on the ground. Realizing unified investigation, confirmation, registration certificates issuance of cadastral rights.

                          Smart City

                          Smart city is an advanced form of city informatization, which realizes the deep integration of informatization, industrialization and urbanization. The drone can acquire basic geographic information spatial data through oblique photography and other methods, then build real-scene 3D model and electronic map, providing the city managers with data support for the construction and use of various intelligent application management systems.

                          Digital Mine

                          From mine automation to mine digitization and intelligence, the intelligent high-tech drives the transformation and upgrading of traditional mining industry, and the concept and realization mode of mine construction are constantly refreshed. With the rapid development of mining to safety, efficiency, economy, green and sustainable, JOUAV mining solution integrates low-altitude multi-source remote sensing system and open pit coal mine production interactive system together. Can efficiently complete mining area mapping and obtain high-precision data. Realizing real-time online control of the mine system information to achieve the management goal of timely, comprehensive and accurate control of mine safety and production and operation conditions.

                          Highway & High-speed Railway Survey and Design

                          The terrain along with highway and high-speed railway is always complex, and high-accuracy mapping data for this area is always required. Using drone to carry ortho camera or LiDAR sensor can get accurate terrain data along the lines, and generate precise topographic mapping data result which can provides basic information and scientific basis for engineering and technical personnel to plan, design and construct the line, and also assist the geological survey and distribution of geographical elements along the line.

                          Demarcation and Ownership Confirmation

                          Demarcation and ownership confirmation is to map and survey the land, houses, rivers, lakes, and related water conservancy boundaries, as well as property rights of land and water resources, finally delimit boundaries for management and protection. To utilize drone to perform 2D and 3D mapping, and quickly generate accurate mapping data results which can be used by government to release public announcements, select boundary sites and install boundary markers according to administrative authority.

                          Hydraulic Investigation

                          The river basins are always vast, with numerous factors, and are termly investigated to acquire basic geographic information, including geology, terrain, landform, irrigation soil conditions, etc. Drone takes its advantages of fast flying speed and high efficiency, can acquire both geographic information data and real-time video streaming, helping government departments to evaluate and predict all the possible influence and problems between water conservancy facilities and the natural environment. It provides basic data and scientific basis for water conservancy project planning, design and construction operation.

                          Forest Survey

                          The forest area covered with dense vegetation, which makes it difficult for manual survey. Using drone to carry RGB camera, multispectral/hyperspectral camera, LiDAR sensor, surveying the woodland area, inventory, tree height, crown breadth and the forest stand environment. Then input multiple kinds of acquired data results into AI system for efficient recognition, providing basis for forest land management, forestry development and ecological construction.

                          Forestry Pest Monitoring

                          Based on domestic multiple regional forestry pests monitoring projects, collected a bulk of drone-based high resolution image data sets about forest pests and diseases, built more than 200,000 strains of deep learning infected pine sample library, and completed "Dead pine AI recognition systems". This system’s automatic identification accuracy is over 80%, support one key identification, comprehensive efficiency improves nearly 100 times. It successfully makes up for many shortcomings of "Artificial interpretation" and is an organic component of intelligent forestry business.

                          Application Cases

                          Geological Hazard Assessment

                          In a project of geological hazard investigation in western Sichuan, JOUAV partner used CW-25E to carry JolidAR-LR long range LiDAR to focus on screening hidden geological hazard points at high position. With the penetrating ability of LiDAR to vegetation and powerful DEM visualization technology, more than 30 hidden geological hazard points were finally found out.

                          Property and Cadastral Survey

                          In a project in Hongge Town, Yanbian County, Panzhihua, JOUAV partner used CW-15 drone to carry a 210MP full-frame oblique camera to do 3D aerial mapping, then perform property and cadastral survey based on acquired high-resolution 3D model. The horizontal mean square error of the model was 3.3cm, and vertical mean square error was 2.6cm, which greatly improved the operation efficiency.