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                          JOUAV has always been committed to using cutting-edge technology to benefit the society

                          Making high-risk tasks safer and improving scientific research efficiently.


                          EXPANDING YOUR THINKING LIMITS!


                          Industrial-grade UAVs are merging with traditional industries, forming a new "+ UAV" application model in several fields such as surveying & mapping, power line inspection, security monitoring, emergency rescue, smart cities, and agricultural remote sensing.

                          In order to accurately understand user needs and reflect the advantages of products and services, JOUAV has established industry divisions for different application scenarios.

                          Discover our cutting-edge products and optimize your workflow with ease.

                          Smart City

                          Digital Earth and Smart Earth put forward the slogan for efficient application of resources and environment. The construction of smart cities require drone remote sensing technology to obtain surface data in a short period of time.

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                          5G Networking

                          5G networked drones, replacing the drone's self-built communication link through 5G cellular network, realizing remote control of the aircraft and operation data transmission, widely used in all walks of life.5G large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability + AI + drones are easy to operate, high efficiency, and low cost.

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                          The VTOL drone is suitable for orthographic and oblique images and LiDAR data acquisition for high-precision and large-area aerial mapping projects.

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                          Emergency Response

                          Application in the area with dense personnel and complex scenes security surveillance, CW VTOL UAV solution realize big area and long-term high-altitude real time surveillance and live video and images streaming to the headquarters for command and control control the event situation development;

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                          Security & Surveillance

                          CW VTOL UAV solution would play a key role in all stages of emergencies and improve the strength of technological innovation and improve the working mechanism.

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                          Utilities Inspection

                          More and more oil and gas companies around the world deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the pipeline inspection to address a wide variety of operational challenges.

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                          Water Resources

                          "Smart water resources" needs to rely on modern technical means to establish a basic water resources information perception system, improve the support system, promote the fine management of integrated water resources, improve the level of scientific decision-making and dispatch management.

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                          The UAV remote sensing system has the advantages of low cost, high safety, high maneuverability, high precision, and diversified payloads, which makes its application in the field of environmental protection unique advantages, and can quickly ascertain the status of the environment on demand.

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                          Traffic Inspection

                          Using UAV system can improve the operational monitoring capabilities of the road transportation industry, can enhance the industry’s collaborative law enforcement capabilities and traffic decision-making capabilities, also can strengthen the efficiency of government management services and the application of high-tech innovations.

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                          JOUAV takes society and the environment seriously: new ideas not only affect the company itself, but also help us fulfill this responsibility and realize our vision. Only by treating the ecological, economic and social aspects equally can we achieve sustainable development. Based on this discovery, we have obtained core values such as products and services, value creation and production, employees and society, and operation and integrity.