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                          UAV ACADEMY

                          We are committed to ensuring that every customer can get timely and professional training and technical support,

                          and caring for our community is an important part of JOUAV's culture.

                          JOUAV UAV ACADEMY

                          Airspace Authorization Documents

                          In order to meet the growing needs of flight test, delivery, customer training, civil UAV pilot training, etc., we established the JOUAV UAV Academy in Beichuan, Mianyang with over 100 professional technicians and management personnel.

                          After continuous optimization and upgrading, the academy has now formed a complete system of theoretical teaching, laws and regulations, payload use, practical flight training and other programs, providing trainees with UAV pilot license training, JOUAV UAV pilot training, and training courses such as free GCP system, oblique photography, real-time monitoring, LiDAR and etc.

                          About?4000 person
                          All types UAV pilots
                          2018 License* Training pass rate
                          Educators & Trainers
                          Support Staff

                          OUR ADVANTAGES

                          JOUAV strictly abides by various UAV laws and regulations, and establishes an airspace management department to regulate the application and use of the airspace. The JOUAV UAV system has a complete operation and maintenance course to help customers to use correctly and keep it in the best condition.